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Landsknecht Tourney Kit Inspiration t Medieval German
Medieval German landsknecht Reenactor 15th Century. Renaissance. Medieval weapons and Armor, war hammer, short sword, katzbulger, chainmail, plate armor,
Landsknecht / Arizona Renaissance Festival 2015 / German / Mercenaries / Medieval soldiers / Jason Russell and David Bobrink
Landsknecht / Arizona Renaissance Festival 2016 / Medieval / Medieval soldier / Medieval Weapon / Goosewing
15th Century German Landsknecht Jason Russell. Medieval Arms and Armor. Chainmail, Plate Armor, Short Sword, War Hammer,
Landsknecht waffenrock 1
The German Landsknechts, sometimes also rendered as Landsknechte were colourful mercenary soldiers with a formidable reputation, who became an important ...
15th century German Landsknecht Reenactor Jason Russell. Medieval Weapons and armor, plate armor, Chainmail, Jack chains, open face sallet helmet.
Military campaign armored German landsknecht, David Bobrink, Medieval weapons and armor, German mercenarie
1480's Landsknecht Military campaign, mercenary, German katzbalger, German flail, gambeson, Bishop's mantel, half jack chains, Splint lower arms, ...
Costumes of German Landsknecht Soldiers of the 16th Century. Mercenary Captain…
15th century German landsknecht soldier Jason Russell. Chainmail, Jack chains , sallet Helmet, medieval arms and armor, medieval soldier, Medieval weapons,
Armor 1480-1550 military campaign armored German landsknecht, German katzbalger, German flail,
@borslarp Warhammer Empire`s landsknecht costume made by @borslarp
15th century German landsknecht Jason Russell. Medieval weapons and armor, bar mace, plate Armor, open face sallet Helmet, medieval, medieval soldier, ...
16th century Landsknecht clothing. Lucas Cranach-inspired dress.
David Bobrink and Jason Russell mid 15th century German landsknecht. Medieval soldier, medieval armor, Renaissance soldier, Renaissance, mercenaries, ...
Arizona Renaissance Festival German landsknecht Medieval Mercenaries Jason Russell and David Bobrink. Arms and Armor. Medieval Morningstar, Halberd pole AXE ...
15th Century German Landsknecht David Bobrink. Chainmail , chainmail gauntlets, open face sallet helm.
Coat of arms (tabard) with cock with arrows
Swiss and Landsknecht pikemen fight at "push of pike" during the Italian Wars.
Francis I - 1515
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My Red Tellerbarett
Costume of Landsknecht, XV century
Delbrück - Medieval Warfare - History of the Art of War, Volume III | Charlemagne | Serfdom
Plus, I always wanted to paint up this set - basically Landsknechts, but with that GW "heroic" style of sculpting.
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Her favorite projects to date have been her German leather and velvet purses, a 1527 Gotha peasant dress, and her first sweet bag.
Mounted blue knight at Koenigstein Taunus Germany knights tournament - Stock Image
Half-colored tabard with black and white half-eagles
See there, Master Alderman, page 312
Steel Fist Miniatures: Steel Fist Miniatures 28mm Landsknechts Are Now Available!
Landsknecht. Artist: Hans Schäufelein (German, Nuremberg ca. 1480-ca.
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Who were the Landsknechts?
The colors could be from Empire states, but with Landsknechts, the sky's the limit with color combinations.
Variety of jousting shields and helmets from a medieval tournament. - Stock Image
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military, Landsknechts, halberdier on horse, woodcut, Germany, 16th century, soldier
My mom bought me the kit when I was kid back in Hawaii, so its about 40 years old! I had painted it, but stripped it with Simple Green and just re-painted ...
The figures represented here are Germans between 1500 and 1550. They are, from left
... roundings and slices which clearly looks like a early form the later examples i showed. On the other hand they could show something similar lo this:
Source: Codex Palatinus Germanicus Kriegsbuch 126, p. 68-69, Mönch, 1496, Heidelberg, Germany.
Swedish fortress, German ship/siege: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikiped...tning_1502.jpg
Of course, no post about medieval England is complete without a picture of Laurence Olivier who's very much identified with such films of this time and ...
Got a Real-World Weapon, Armor or Tactics Question? Mk. XVIII [Archive] - Page 2 - Giant in the Playground Forums
Warlord Games: Plastic Landsknecht Arquebusiers Boxed Set Preview
Crossbowman cocking his weapon by means of a mechanical device. Detail of an altarpiece of St Sebastian. Painted in Cologne, Germany, around 1493-1494.
New: Landsknechts + Landsknecht Officers
Directed by: Lance Daly
Picture ...
Obviously, there are some design differences between the two but I took the pink, red, white with blue ribbons colour scheme and transferred it to the ...
He boldly combined patterns, colours and decoration in a variety outfits in a unique lifetime
New: Landsknecht Missile Troops
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Doppelsoldner and Campfrau
Maciejowski Bible
There aren't really enough Landsknechts in this block to constitute a real Fähnlein, certainly not a full strength one, but I could not resist posting up ...
I hope you enjoyed that painting interlude, normal service will resume soon - presently working on some Landsknechts in French service.
In this photo, a nice tunic and garb go a long way. The armour underneath is mostly plastic and aluminum, but really it could be ANYTHING, because it is all ...
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I have entitled the post "Landsknecht Obrist" but this chap could also represent a dismounted high ranking French or Imperial commander from about 1515 on ...
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As with the Scottish claymore and the Landsknecht zweihänder, the Samurai nodachi was a weapon of the late medieval era and, like it's counterparts in other ...
1MiB, 2952x2082, Elgrancapitantrasbatalladeceriñola.jpg
Mounted knights jousting at Koenigstein Taunus Germany knights tournament - Stock Image
Archers are depicted in Landsknecht style clothes in this rather curious scene from the Wiesskunig
Landsknecht. Artist: Hans Schäufelein (German, Nuremberg ca. 1480-ca.
Index Got a Real-World Weapon or Armour Question? Mk. XV [Archive] - Page 4 - Giant in the Playground Forums
Don't know why his left eye looks so white and crazy - might be the flash, but in normal view doesn't appear so wide-eyed.
I hope you enjoyed that painting interlude, normal service will resume soon - presently working on some Landsknechts in French service.
Resupply during battle was necessary. Boys were often employed to run additional arrows to longbow archers while in their positions on the battlefield.
military, knights, foot tournament, woodcut, coloured, by Hans Schaeufelin, Nuremberg
German Woman's Goller (Capelet) Tutorial
Kings & Boozers are the latest band in the glorious history of German Celtic-Punk to feature here. Ten years young this year they were born out of the ashes ...